Military-friendly Colleges Available Online

online degree program studentMilitary-friendly colleges are infinitely better for military students than other colleges and universities, with programs designed specifically to aid veterans, reserve, and active duty. Military personnel that would like to complete a degree while on duty or without living at school may turn to distance learning as an option, with degree programs available 100% online. A military-friendly online school is the best of both worlds for this distance learner with a military background. Several degree options are available online, from IT to business to criminal justice to nursing. At military-friendly online colleges like American Sentinel University, 50% of enrollment is made up specifically from veterans, reserve, and active duty. […]

New GI Bill’s Impact on Education Industry

The Post 9/11 GI Bill has had a shaky first semester, to say the least. Stories from military personnel like the Army of Dude are not at all uncommon and active duty, reserve, and veterans alike scramble to find some kind of sanity in the middle of the financial aid delirium. First semesters for programs usually have hiccups in them, and once these issues are ironed out, the new GI Bill will have a long-term positive result on higher education. Some of the long-term positive effects include: more military members in high-level, corporate jobs; increased enrollment and diversity in military-friendly online schools, like American Sentinel University; and more military recruitment and retention as prospective students and families continue to pursue financial benefits from military service. […]

Saint Leo University Recognized as Military Friendly School

GIJ_MFS_2010_LogoSaint Leo University was named by GI Jobs magazine as a Military-Friendly School for 2010. This prestigious award marks Saint Leo University is one of the ideal school choices for active duty, reserve, and veterans seeking a quality educational program from a military-friendly school. Saint Leo University will be featured in the GI Jobs Guide to Military Friendly Schools in September. GI Jobs, founded in 2001, dedicates itself to military members that are transitioning into the work force. Every year, GI Jobs publishes military-friendly schools for prospective military college students to learn more about. The magazine has established reputability through consistent advice and research into the military aspects of higher education. […]

Featured School: Saint Leo University

DegreeGo is proud to present Saint Leo University, which has been providing quality college education to students since 1889. Saint Leo University has several campuses, a thriving online learning community, and specialized programs for military veterans and students interested in the military. Read more about Saint Leo University’s current news and see why it is […]